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We Passed Paid Leave in Our States. The Rest of America Deserves The Same.

Our state programs are all a little bit different, but each one shares core principles: we have programs that are accessible and cover the range of reasons people need to take leave. Our three states together cover millions of people who know that if a medical emergency occurs, their first concern can be their loved one's health, not how to pay their rent.

Racine residents push for paid family leave

One day while working Maria, who has diabetes, passed out due to low blood sugar and was taken to a hospital in Kenosha. Her recovery was going to take months. "I asked (my employer) if I could use my vacation days for medical leave," Maria told The Journal Times. "They said I couldn't use vacation time for medical leave."

What the shutdown taught us about paid family leave

Many federal workers and contractors had to make difficult choices between putting food on the table or paying their bills. What these government employees endured is, unfortunately, a sobering reality for many low-wage workers every day.

Dementia and caregiving: It's time for paid family leave

For his last few years, my dad lived in a care facility. The memory care unit staff treated him well. But he needed more than the staff. He needed my brothers and me to help him navigate his changing needs.

Legislature passes expanded paid family leave bill

The Legislature has approved a bill to expand New Jersey's Paid Family Leave Law. It would give eligible workers more paid leave to care for a newborn or other family member and more money for each day of leave they take.

Maine families and businesses can benefit from quality paid family leave

In today's divisive political environment, we can all agree upon the critical importance of supporting our families and local businesses. We also know that throughout our state and our country people are struggling to afford having children and caring for themselves or their aging family members.

Don't Let The 'Fatherhood Penalty' Keep You From Using Paternity Leave

As a father who has been down this road, I'm well aware that taking time off to be with family can feel like being in a tug of war, where you feel like you need to be home because you love your family and want to support them, but you also feel as though you will face backlash at work for choosing your spouse and children over your carrier.

Guest Column: Turner supports WA's new paid leave program

I can't always do as much as I'd like to for my employees. When they need time off to care for loved ones, I do my best to provide them with that time, but often we simply can't afford to pay them during their leave.

Legislative session to see big push for paid family leave in Minnesota

The governor-elect has made paid leave a top priority for his first year in office, while a newly empowered DFL majority in the House is sympathetic to the issue. Even the GOP chair of a Senate committee reconstituted to take on family issues says she wants to look into the issue.

Five Years Since It Was First Introduced, It’s Time to Renew the New Family Leave Act

It is time to renew the promise of the FAMILY Act. The new Democratic leaders in the House will almost surely renew the bill and pass it in the House, while Republicans in the Senate should prove once and for all whether they are actually the party of family values.

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