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Black Workers Need “Real” Not “Fake” Paid Family Leave

The “fake” paid family leave option, restricts participation to only maternity leave and diverts social security funds to pay for the program. […] For most Black women, social security makes up at least half of their income stream during retirement, according to the 2014 Black Women in the United States report by the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Paid family leave: While US lags behind, more states set policies

[Rhode Island state senator Gayle Goldin] says Rhode Island’s program has won over small business owners who were initially opposed, and has become a selling point for companies recruiting staff to work there. “It’s important not only because they [employees] think they’ll need the leave, but also about the values of the state.... It sets the tone for workplace culture,” she says.

A policy is born: Paid family leave for city employees

Councilmember Eva Putzova, who pushed for the [paid leave] measure to be included in this year’s budget, agreed. “At some point it’s difficult to talk about family values and not follow through,” said Putzova, adding that in Slovakia, where she grew up, such a benefit is seen as almost a right.

Gov. Charlie Baker signs $15 minimum wage, paid family leave into law

A new mother in Massachusetts will get paid time off to care for her baby, beginning in 2021. A son will get paid time off to care for his ailing parent.

How Portland can stand up for the health, dignity of LGBTQ workers

Why is this broad definition [of ‘family’] so important [for paid sick days laws], and whom does it most impact? Well, for starters, lots of folks in the LGBTQ+ population.

U.S. Navy establishes Military Parental Leave Program, hopes to recruit and keep Sailors

One military branch modified their parental leave policy by combining and increasing the current family leave policy late June as one to help new and current members.

Study: Men Want to Do More Caregiving, but Can’t

Though a majority of Americans support paid family leave (though they may disagree over how to provide it), new research out in time for Father’s Day suggests insufficient paid leave as well as social expectations prevent fathers from caring for their children as much as they’d like.

Oh baby! This had to be the cutest Statehouse rally ever.

Parents, clergy and lawmakers participating in the "Think Babies" demonstration in Trenton spoke broadly about the need for more affordable child care and a more generous paid family leave law that would double time off from six weeks to 12 weeks after a child is born or adopted.

For more US parents, paid family leave becomes reality

With a growing sense that the US is being left behind by a lack of family-friendly policies, and as more evidence shows that there are advantages to families when such programs are in place, there's some movement at the federal and local levels, but states are driving change

Honor our mothers by giving them the paid family leave they deserve

The U.S. can't afford outdated policies that reduce the growth of the economy; working mothers can no longer accept a situation that creates stress and leads to lost income.

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