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Walmart Announces Incomplete Paid Leave Policy for Employees

OUR Walmart estimates that approximately 60 percent of Walmart associates work part time, just like Bartlett. So while the paid leave policy is a major improvement for full-time associates, the policy will not be applicable for the majority of employees.

Paid Family Leave Approved For Franklin County Workers

This morning, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a new Paid Family Leave program to allow employees time to provide parental care immediately following the birth or adoption of a minor child, and to care for a covered family member who has a serious medical condition.

Like thousands of Coloradans, I needed paid family leave and didn’t have it

When Congress passed the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) nearly 25 years ago it was meant to be the first -- not the only -- step toward greater financial stability for millions of American families.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri can lead on paid family leave

Missouri state officials, on both sides of the aisle, are stepping up and serving as a model for how parental leave strengthens families and benefits employers.

Four Crucial Things You Should Know About New York’s New Paid Family Leave Program

Working people in New York state will ring in the new year with an important new right on the job: up to eight weeks of paid family leave (increasing to 12 weeks by 2021).

Paid Leave Improves Patients' Ability To Complete Treatment

Patients with cancer whose workplaces offered paid medical leave had better physical and financial health, and were more likely to complete their treatments, according to a recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN).

BETH MESSERSMITH: At some point everyone will need care, or time to care

[O]ur leaders often ignore a less visible, but pressing need aging Americans face: caregiving. This usually falls to family and loved ones. About 44 million Americans provide care each year for adult family members and friends, often on top of work and other family obligations.

Improving Vermonters’ lives

In addition to raising the minimum wage, initiating a new government insurance program called Family and Medical Leave Insurance, or FAMLI, would also help Vermonters to improve their ability to support their families.

One way to tackle sexual harassment at work: better parental leave

Any company serious about addressing sexual harassment in the workplace should care about the women’s leadership gap. And anyone trying to close that gap must put paid time for caregiving at the top of their to-do list.

Three Companies That Show Taking the Benefits High Road Is Good for Business

In October 2017, the ASBC came out with their own research showing that companies who invested in promoting family-friendly benefits, flexibility, fair living wages, cultivated inclusion, engaged with communities, for example, could improve retention of quality employees, earn better results from contractors and vendors, and attract fast-growing numbers of consumers who want to buy from values-based organizations.

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