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How the Tech Industry's Women Problem Is Advancing Paid Family Leave - Bloomberg

Last week, Twitter became the latest tech company to announce an expanded parental leave policy, offering all new parents 20 weeks of paid time off. The tech industry seems to be leading the way among industries offering robust family leave—something most Americans don't have access to—and it may be thanks to a counterintuitive factor: The industry's notable lack of women.

Why Paid Leave Matters for the Future of Business - Harvard Business Review

At this time of year, as students return to campus, I always find myself reflecting on why I became a professor and the principles I’m about to teach the business leaders of tomorrow. But this year has been especially exciting, as employers have increasingly announced family-friendly policy changes.

14 Things You Should Know About Paid Leave in the U.S. - Cosmopolitan

At some point in your career, you will probably need to take time off from your job to care for yourself or a family member, or to welcome a tiny new human into your life. But because the federal government doesn't require your workplace to offer paid family leave, it's possible that you will have to choose between earning money and looking after a loved one – the latter which, yes, is pretty darn hard to do without an income.

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