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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Trump’s Paid Leave Policy Is ‘Woefully Inadequate’

Gillibrand explains the policy proposed by the Trump administration covers only parental leave, as opposed to a wider range of life events, such as paid time for employees who must care for sick family members. She also points out that the suggested means to pay for the plan is not realistic.

I'm a Freelancer. That Doesn't Mean I Don't Need Paid Leave.

"Only 14 percent of Americans have access to paid family leave. While my husband and I are fortunate enough to be able to get by without my income in the short term, this time off will likely affect our long-term well-being, economic and otherwise," writes Elissa Strauss.

Washington State’s Working Families Score ‘Groundbreaking’ Paid Leave Victory (Updated)

The legislation offers a progressive financing mechanism that covers close to 100 percent of low-wage workers' income, meaning workers will no longer be forced to choose between a paycheck and their family.

Fathers and adoptive parents who work at Starbucks deserve equal leave when they bring home children

"A big reason why I went to work for Starbucks seven years ago was because of their inclusiveness of the LGBTQ communities ... That’s why I was so surprised to learn that the paid leave offered to partners (the moniker for store employees) does not extend to fathers or adoptive parents," writes Niko Walker.

Meet the Microsoft Executive Behind the Company's Major New Paid Leave Policy

In a LinkedIn announcement, Microsoft's Chief People Officer, Kathleen Hogan, wrote that the company is effecting a new global benefit for their employees: family caregiver leave.

Family Leave Advocates Not Impressed by ‘Pro-Family’ Policies Pitched by Rubio, Ivanka

Ivanka Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are teaming up for a private forum with members of Congress on “pro-family tax reform initiatives.”

Why does American work feel so bad?

MacKenzie Nicholson was pregnant with her second baby when she found out her mother had a brain tumor. She was forced to take time off to care for her, which cut into the vacation and sick time she was saving to supplement the three weeks of paid maternity her company offers.

New survey reveals how small businesses feel about paid family and medical leave

[W]e found that about 77% of them, more than three-quarters of small business owners in Connecticut, support the paid family leave legislation,” said Brittany Stalsburg who’s with [the research firm] BLS.

Trump’s updated paid leave plan ‘falls short’ in nearly every way, experts say

Most people who need time off from work won’t be covered. Meanwhile, the plan’s reliance on the unemployment insurance system almost certainly dooms it to fail — meaning very few parents would even get paid leave anyway.

Fed chair: Family-friendly work policies are good for the economy

In a speech on gender inequality at Brown University, Yellen praised workplace policies such as paid family leave and tax-relief for child and elder care. She said such policies increase women’s numbers in the workforce and raise productivity, which boosts the economy.

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