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Why America Needs a Paid Family Leave Act for All

When you look at the people who are able to take unpaid leave with the FMLA, more than three-quarters must do so to care for their own health or that of a seriously ill family member. We need a national policy that covers everyone.

I’m A Caregiver & Any Paid Family Leave Plan Should Include Us

In December 2017, Kate Boone, 26, an account manager with Century Support Services in North Huntingdon, PA — another state without a paid family leave law — had to choose between using the unpaid FMLA leave or continuing to work while taking care of her mother, who has Parkinson’s Disease and broke her hip twice within a month.

Why Don’t We Just Do Paid Family Leave the Right Way?

Mr. Rubio and Ms. Trump should drop their worries about cost and expand their vision. They could pledge to offer Americans 12 paid weeks off not just for the arrival of a new child, but also if they fall sick or need to care for a family member. They could nix the idea that parents have to pay for their own benefits out of Social Security.

Inside the movement for paid time off to have a baby — in Utah and beyond

[P]erhaps the fact that the LDS Church — "a major employer in the state" — already offers paid parental leave will help move discussions along at the Legislature, said Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City. "The more we see employers instigating this in the private sector," he said, "it only means that the public sector needs to do the same thing."

Commentary: Paid family leave system will benefit workers, businesses, elderly and more

Paid leave could provide a key component of caring for Maine’s aging population. By 2030, 28 percent of our population is expected be 65 or older, and almost two-thirds of those are expected to need long-term services and supports.

Even the Right to Unpaid Family Leave Was Once Revolutionary

There are moments when you can almost feel the ground shift beneath you. When then-Sen. Al Gore took to the Senate floor to describe his 6-year-old son Albert's terrifying 1989 accident, it was a pivotal moment not just for the Gore family but also for the country.

Paid parental leave elusive 25 years after Family and Medical Leave Act

"It's a public health emergency that we don't offer more support for parents in this country," said Darby Saxbe, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern California.

Duckworth: 2018 is past time to get real on paid leave

Across our nation, working parents face barriers to staying in the workforce. Lack of access to affordable child care and to paid family, medical and parental leave forces people to choose between taking care of their children or a sick family member and losing their job and their health insurance.

California men are jumping at the chance to take paid family leave

About 85,000 California men took paid family leave in California during the 2017 fiscal year, double the number that took paternity leave in 2009, according to the latest figures from the California Employment Development Department.

My Turn: Paid family leave would be a workforce driver

Being on the advisory board of the Workforce Accelerator 2025, the board of the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the statewide champion of the Manufacturing Sector Partnership Initiative, and former chair of New Hampshire’s Business and Industry Association, I am very much aware of the workforce development challenges facing the state. A paid leave program in New Hampshire would be a workforce driver for the state.

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