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Paid family leave: Looking to the states

The key lesson from the states that have taken the bold step of implementing paid family leave is that the evidence is clear: paid leave is a good thing not just for families, but also for businesses and the economy as a whole. Building on existing social insurance systems has worked well for the states, and represents a promising model for expanding access to paid leave to all Americans.

Democrats get ahead of Trump with family leave plan

Senate Democrats have reintroduced the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, a bill that would pay for universal paid leave with a 0.2 percent surtax on wages, asking President Trump to make good on a campaign promise.

Surreal PSA Shows Why One Woman Chose To Stay Pregnant For 5 Years - Huffington Post

A PSA from the National Partnership for Women & Families is using a surreal approach to make an important point.

Tampa mayor announces paid family leave for full-time employees

“Attracting and retaining the most talented workforce does not solely lie in downtown amenities and adding jobs, it also requires providing a twenty-first-century workforce for twenty-first century families,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

Etsy Just Reported the First Results of Its Gender-Neutral Parental Leave - Fortune

Giving those employees a promotion despite taking parental leave is a nod to Etsy, especially because a 2013 study by Childbirth Connection found that 22% of mothers surveyed for the study were were concerned about the consequences at work for taking leave, such as lower pay, worse assignments or fewer opportunities for promotion.

Duke Energy to provide paid parental leave

“Paid parental leave will give Duke Energy employees important quality time to bond with their new children without the financial pressure of having to immediately return to work. That’s good for our employees and their children,” Melissa Anderson, Duke Energy executive vice president and chief human resources officer, said in a statement.

7 Questions for President Trump on His Controversial Paid Family Leave Plan

Paid family leave was one of the few policy areas where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agreed during the campaign, so there’s a good chance that Congress will consider paid family leave proposals under President Trump. Here are seven questions everyone should be asking.

Large companies, including many with Omaha operations, expand their paid family leave policies

For some expectant parents, 2016 was a banner year and December a flag-waver: More than two dozen large employers announced that they would bolster their paid family leave benefits.

Here's How Working Women Can Advocate For Themselves During Trump's Presidency

There are concrete ways women (and their allies) can advocate for themselves at work, in spite of resistance -- and even hostility -- from on high.

‘I Wasn’t There To Help’: Dad With Newborn Struggles With Lack Of Leave

Mike Cruse is the father of a new baby. His daughter Olivia was born in July. But like most fathers in the U.S., he doesn’t get paid parental leave.

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