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Keira Knightley Says Paternity Leave Is a Necessity

British actress Keira Knightley is Harper’s Bazaar UK December cover star, and yesterday, she received the magazine’s Theatre Icon award during their Women of the Year Awards ceremony. Inside the magazine’s pages, Knightley touched on her personal life by commenting on the state of parental leave and child care.

Deloitte CEO: Family leave invests in our employees

There was a time not long ago when employees were supposed to leave family issues at home. The stress of caring for an elderly parent, a sick spouse, or a newborn was something better left outside the confines of the office. It was even taboo to take too much time off to deal with something personal, other than a short maternity leave.

Why Paid Parental Leave Strengthens Your Business

New York state and San Francisco passed new paid leave laws in April. Etsy, Twitter and Deloitte are some of the latest companies to implement generous paid leave policies that raise the bar for all employers. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made headlines when he took two months off for the birth of his daughter.

Putting Family Policy on the Governing Agenda

For many people, economic policy brings to mind issues like taxes, trade, and interest rates—the subjects that dominate the financial news. Child care and family leave go into another basket typically conceived of as “women’s issues” and implicitly treated as irrelevant to economic growth and prosperity.

Survey: Americans want paid family leave, and they support social programs for families

A new Deseret News/BYU survey finds that paid family leave is popular among Americans, with slightly more than half saying the government should require employers to offer it. An additional 14 percent support mandating unpaid leave.

From Cooks To Accountants: Hilton Extends Paid Parental Leave To All - NPR

In the two-story breakfast room on the 25th floor of Hilton's Conrad Miami, Florance Eloi mans the omelet stand in front of a panoramic view of the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. The bubbly Miami native says, laughing, that guests routinely tell her, "Stop making the omelets, you need to turn around and look!"

Chobani Is Giving Workers Six Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

Chobani wants to give working parents ample time off to bond with their children. The yogurt company announced Wednesday that it will bump up its parental leave policy to six weeks of 100% paid leave for mothers and fathers who have given birth, adopted a child, or had a foster child placed in the home, according to a company statement.

Why you need paid leave and affordable child care now more than ever - Mashable

All of the jokes about parenthood are true: You stumble through life bleary-eyed, eager to spend every moment with your child yet desperate for the next break. If you intend to throw your life into real chaos, however, try pulling off parenthood without paid leave and affordable child care.

Best Mother’s Day gift: paid maternity leave - Miami Herald

When Yalimar Panell gave birth to twin daughters, she felt sore from her Cesarean section, exhausted from running back and forth to the neonatal unit, and oddly grateful that her husband was unemployed and able to help. Yet, if it wasn’t for her employer offering 16 weeks of paid parental leave, Panell says she would have been less grateful and more frantic about the financial stress on her family.

How the Tech Industry's Women Problem Is Advancing Paid Family Leave - Bloomberg

Last week, Twitter became the latest tech company to announce an expanded parental leave policy, offering all new parents 20 weeks of paid time off. The tech industry seems to be leading the way among industries offering robust family leave—something most Americans don't have access to—and it may be thanks to a counterintuitive factor: The industry's notable lack of women.

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