Time to Care

Not just any paid leave plan will do. We need #TimeToCare — for all of us!

Paid leave should be #TimeToCare for your baby, your seriously ill family members, our military families, your employees and yourself. But as this video from the National Partnership* shows, some proposals leave many of us behind.

America needs a comprehensive national paid family and medical leave law, like the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, that checks all the boxes. Specifically, one that is:

  • National: Any plan should establish a consistent baseline that applies no matter where a person lives or works.

  • Substantial: Any plan should provide at least 12 weeks of leave — the standard established more than two decades ago by the Family and Medical Leave Act — and offer benefits that make leave affordable.

  • Comprehensive: Any plan should apply equally to women and men and cover the family and medical issues in the Family and Medical Leave Act — the birth or adoption of a child, a serious illness of your own or of a loved one, and military caregiving needs.

  • Inclusive: Any plan should be accessible to all working people and include a modern definition of “family” that recognizes diverse families and caregiving responsibilities.

  • Sustainable: Any plan should be cost-effective for workers, employers and the government without cutting essential programs.

  • Secure: Any plan should be available without adverse employment consequences or fear of retaliation for taking leave.

Tell your members of Congress that President Trump’s paid parental leave proposal leaves too many people behind while making harmful cuts to essential programs. Tell them you won’t settle for anything less than comprehensive paid family and medical leave.

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* The National Partnership for Women & Families convenes and is a member of the national FAMILY Act coalition.